Kristine Stone Photography

Food Photographer

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Who am I?

Greetings, I'm Kristine! I am a wife to a wonderful husband. I am a mother to two wonderful boys and one precious daughter. I am also a food photographer. I've been a photographer for over a decade. My History I have had a history of learning photography since I was a child. For Christmas one year, my parents purchased a flat camera that used 110 cassette film. I loved that camera and “took” many pictures with it. As I grew up, teenage-hood took over and she explored other interests for a while. After becoming an adult, I began to take pictures again, which turned into creating images. After many years photographing people, I have finally come to realize her real desire in photography, it’s food photography. I enjoy photographing personal projects with food and working for other business for their food photography needs. I've been a freelance photographer for DIG magazine in Baton Rouge, and I have worked for a few local restaurants. I was also named 2018 Artist of the Year with the Arts Council of Livingston Parish. I also have other interests, I enjoy inventing new recipes, I love to play the guitar and I also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ).


I am avalible for hire for your food photography needs.

  • 2-3 hours (contact me)
  • Digital files are seperate
  • Half Day $550 (plus sales tax)
  • Serving the Greater Baton Rouge area
  • Full Day $1200 (plus sales tax)

For over a decade I have done my own projects, freelanced for DIG magazine, and even have photographed for local restuarants.

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